Mozilla Launches Firefox Update 13 In 2012

 It seems Mozilla was eager to launch his latest creations. Having recently launched Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 6 and 8 Aurora, they announced it will launch Mozilla Firefox 13 in mid-2012.

Director of Engineering Firefox, said Johnathan Nightingale, Mozilla wants better quality to be given to the public. It also said that his company is entirely non-profit company. Although as a nonprofit company, mozilla firefox company's creations have the features and speed improvements, especially there is a new API and standards.
Nightingale said the company will launch Firefox 7 in September 2011, followed by Mozilla eight in November, and at the end of the year, Firefox 9 will follow. After that, they will release Firefox 10 in January, followed by Firefox 11 in March, Firefox 12 April, and last Firefox 13 in June.

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