Virus cleaning shortcuts in Flash Disk

If you realize that when your flash is plugged into a computer but not visible in part or whole files or folders that you think should exist, may have been before the flash has been connected with virus infected computers, which one of its action to hide files and folders. Examples of the virus called the cervix. To eliminate cervical virus (virus shortcut) you can see in

Following treatment for the USB stick are already infected the cervix.
1.  First scan your flash is using SmadAV version 8.3 upwards, if the scan results show there is a file virus and a few hidden folders just click Fix All.
2.  If you have the Fix All but the folder is hidden you still do the next steps:
3.  Start - Run-Cmd
4. Type this command in the Command Prompt:
attrib-r-h-s F: \ *.* / s / d press Enter
the letter F above shows your flash drive, try again in explorer, there is in the drive if you flasddisk, then adjust. If there is in E: then replace the letter F above the E, as well as others.
5. Wait a few moments, the more files and folders you more time consuming.
6. Upon successful files and folders are usually hidden by the virus will be seen again.
7. Scan your flash again using SmadAV version 8.3 upwards to ensure that your flash has been clean from viruses.

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