Mozilla Firefox Tutorials Updating From Previous Versions To Newest Version

warm regards, it's almost a month of not posting, finally at the end of this month I post something to fill this blog. now I will post about the article megenai mozilla firefox. who the hell knows ga with mozilla, mozilla is one of many tools skian existing browser. mozilla itself has an even rival that of many like opera and google chrome. now therefore I want to make an article about this, for those of you who frequently use the mozilla firefox course you want the best, why Mozilla released its latest version, then how are we going to get the latest version? with a way to uninstall or update of an existing mozilla then get the newest version. ita definitely want to make it easy!. I will now explain how the mozilla mrngupdate latest in a practical way. Ways to update mozilla firefox mozilla firefox 4 to 5 can be done in two ways: online update and update it offline.

Mozilla firefox update online you can do by way of:
1. Open the mozilla firefox browser, then click on the Help menu and then select About.

2. Then will come out display About Mozilla Firefox, then you click the Check for Updates.

 3. After you click on the process of downloading the update will run as shown below:
 4. Wait until the updating process is completed, fast or slow the process of updating this depends on the speed of Internet connection you have.

5. Once the download is finished updating, then the mozilla firefox mozilla firefox you have to be version 5.0

According to my observations, an online update is likely to take longer than the update offline. Here's how to update offline 4 mozilla firefox you can do:
1. Download mozilla firefox 5 in advance at the following link,

2. Once the download is complete, you close the first program Mozilla Firefox

3. Then you install the downloaded file to your computer before, by double-click on the file Firefox Setup 5.0.exe

4. After the installation is complete, then the mozilla firefox automatically opens and takes you straight into the welcome page screen: You are now running Firefox 5.0, as shown in the picture below:

 According to my observations, too, that all the add-ons that have been installed in the mozilla firefox 4 will not be lost and can still function after you update to mozilla firefox 5. This does not happen automatically when the previous versions of mozilla, which is when update from the Mozilla version 3 to version 4 mozilla. And the most common constraints is not supported add-ons IDM cc on mozilla firefox 4, so if you update to mozilla firefox 5 constraints will still be up. You still can not display or integrate add-ons IDM 5 cc in mozilla firefox when you install Internet Download Manager. To be able to integrate the functions of the add-on IDM CC at 4 and install mozilla firefox add-ons IDM 5 cc in mozilla firefox.
may be useful for those of you who read.

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