After all this time I do not post, finally I can post something that might be useful for the membaca.kali this I will post about software that can lock your computer, but use FLASHDISK. especially for people who might have forgotten untukmengunci office computer.
Working with many other office workers in one room, of course, difficult to get some privacy. No wonder that many users who do not want to leave his PC in the conditions on, dikarenaka fear or worry interfere with other users who might be able to destroy, remove or steal data.
The solution to this is to use a special application known as the Predator. This application mapu lock PC with flash media disk, when you are not working in front of your PC or leave the PC, although it still found the Windows session is still open.

The workings of this application involves a USB drive

(flash disk) as an access control device PC. Run the application after installing the USB drive PREDATOR PC pad, and immediately remove the USB drive if you want to leave the PC in the conditions on which the keyboard and mouse can not be used because it is disabled, even the screen is too dark. Device will be activated again when you pair a USB drive.

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